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2-1 in bees lab (back-workstation tested in a full scale chamber, front--a prototype of bio-filtration unit

The Building Energy and Environmental Systems Laboratory, Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, L.C. Smith College of Engineering and Computer Science, is a key research lab associated with the Syracuse Center of Excellence in Environmental and Energy Systems (syracusecoe.org). BEESL was established in November 1999 with funds from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, New York State Assembly, National Grid, and Syracuse University.

Our Mission

The mission of BEESL is three-fold:

  • Advance the science and develop innovative technologies in the areas of indoor environmental quality (IEQ), building energy efficiency (BEE) and building protections by conducting leading edge academic and industrial research.
  • Enhance scholarly learning and professional training for graduate and undergraduate students via integration between research and teaching.
  • Help relevant industries in product development and innovation by providing objective and unbiased product testing and evaluation services

  • Our Capabilities

    BEESL has expertise and state-of-the-art research facilities including capabilities to do both experimental and computer simulation from material level properties to full-scale system level behavior and performance studies. Major research subjects are:

  • Indoor pollutant sources and sinks such as building materials and furnishings, office machines, consumer products, etc.

  • Combined air, heat, moisture and contaminant transport through building envelopes. Interactions between indoor, outdoor environments and HVAC systems/components.

  • Room air and contaminant distributions in personal/task, displacement, or mixing ventilations.

  • Air and contaminant transports in multi-zone buildings and building dynamics.

  • Air filtration/purification technologies for gas and particulate contaminants including stand-alone room air cleaners and those installed in HVAC ducts.

  • Building envelope systems (walls and window assemblies) performance for thermal and moisture control performanc.

  • Comprehensive Instruementation for Material Characterization, including thermal moisture, pollutant transport and storage properties.

  • Sensitivity, accuracy and reliability of environmental sensors and control systems.

  • Ambient air samplers, industrial hygiene monitors, indoor air quality monitors and sensors, thermal comfort monitors and occupational protective equipment and materials.
  • Suseal

    Contact: Beverly Guo
    Email: bguo@syr.edu

    263 Link Hall
    MAE Dept., Syracuse University
    Syracuse, New York 13244-1240, USA

    Labs: Link 320, Link 374, Link 0025, Link 0028, Link 0029, Link 444, BEST lab (621 Skytop Rd).

    Current Research

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